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The promotion of five women officers to Colonel rank has been approved by a selection board of the Indian Army after they completed 26 years of service.

The promotion of women officers working for the Corps of Signals, Corps of Electronic and Mechanical Engineers (EME) and the Corps of Engineers to the rank of Colonel has been approved for the first time. Earlier, only women officers in the Army Medical Corps (AMC), Judge Advocate General (JAG) and the Army Education Corps (AEC) were promoted to the rank of Colonel.

The growth in promotion avenues to more branches of the Indian Army indicates increasing career opportunities for women officers. Permanent commissions have also been granted to women officers from various branches of the Indian Army. These steps taken by the Indian Army indicate their approach towards a gender-neutral Army.

Lieutenant colonel Sangeeta Sardana from the Corps of Signals, Lieutenant colonel Sonia Anand and Lieutenant colonel Navneet Duggal from the Corps of EME, and Lieutenant colonel Reenu Khanna and Lieutenant colonel Ritcha Sagar from the Corps of Engineers, are among the five women officers who have been selected for the Colonel Time Scale rank.

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