On Wednesday, the Centre stated that they are making efforts to ramp up the massive production of Covid-19 vaccines so that it is made available to all at the shortest period of time. GOI highlights that the country currently has four-five Covid-19 vaccine producers in its pipeline and for emergency use three vaccine candidates have been approved.

Renu Swarup, Secretary of Department of Biotechnology gives a statement after the government of India opens up a vaccine drive for everyone above 18 years of age, as she mentions that Rs 400 crore financial support is provided to vaccine producers from Zydus Cadilla, Biological E, Gennova and Bharat Biotech.

She said that three vaccines in India have been approved for Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA), including Covishield by SII, Covaxin by Bharat Biotech International Ltd (BBIL) and Sputnik-V by Russian Vaccine. Apart from these, there are clinical stages of development with a promising pipeline of 4-5 vaccine candidates.

Swarup added that several vaccines producing companies that are at the advanced stage of clinical trials like DNA Vaccine candidate by Zydus Cadila, protein subunit vaccine candidate by BioE, mRNA vaccine candidate by Gennova including single-dose intranasal vaccine candidate by Bharat Biotech.

The Secretary asserted that the Department of Biotechnology has provided technical, advisory, and financial support for these vaccine candidates during their early development. She added that under Mission COVID Suraksha financial support of nearly Rs 400 crore for late-stage clinical development of these vaccine candidates is granted to them.

Swarup said that once approved, the manufacturers already have existing capacities and they can contribute to about 15-20 million doses per month for immunization.


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