• The activity will be performed to bring back pre covid normalization of passenger services
  • For six hours every night, passengers will not be able to access the PRS services
  • The railway ministry said that through this initiative it will remove the ‘special’ tag from trains, bring back ticket pricing system to pre covid norms

On Sunday, the Indian Railways announced the closure of the reservation system for six hours every night. The rule is likely to be in power till November 21, in order to bring back the pre-covid normalization of passenger services. According to the railway ministry, “The activity will be performed starting from the intervening night of November 14 and 15 to the night of November 20 and 21, starting at 23:30 hours and ending at 05:30 hours.”

The ministry has stated that a number of tasks will be accomplished through the implementation of this new rule, which includes upgrading the system data, attributing engines with the latest numbers, etc. The railway ministry has further claimed, “Since a huge amount of past (old train numbers) and current passenger booking data is to be updated in all mail/express trains, this is being planned in a series of carefully calibrated steps and implemented during night hours in order to minimize the impact on ticketing services.”

During the six hours mentioned by the authorities, passengers will not be able to access the Passenger Reservation System (PRS) services. However, all other services excluding the PRS are scheduled to remain active. As per the railway ministry, the ‘special’ tag is to be removed from mails and expresses and the ticket pricing system will also return to the pre covid norms. However, restrictions on concessions, bedrolls and meal services, implemented in times of pandemic, will continue to remain in effect.


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