• PM Modi salutes Martyrs on Kargil Vijay Divas
  • PM Narendra Modi remembers Atal Bihari Vajpayee and speaks about his principle
  • PM condemns Pakistan’s filthy tricks to India
  • About coronavirus, PM says the situation in India is still worrying
  • PM Modi also praised the young generation across India

New Delhi: Today PM Modi shared 67th edition of Maan Ki Baat programme and at first he pays tribute to Kargil War Martyrs. He said that before 21 years on this day our Indian Army won the battle against Pakistan. India will never forget their bravery. He slams Pakistan said that they tried several times their inhuman activities against us. India wants to do friendship with them and always want peace but they betrayed and always try to misguide but they also receive the perfect reply from us and as a result, Indian Soldier demolished them. We will never forget their martyrdom and our soldiers fought bravely.

Mesmerizing former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, PM said that Vajpayee Ji told Mahatma Gandhi’s principle from Red Fort which was, “We must think about our India people before doing something” but Kargil War taught us a different lesson, Vajpayee said. The former PM said that we must think before taking some decision and said, “the decision will go with favour for our soldier who sacrifices their lives in the war.” PM Modi urged to the nation that we always have to do precious work where we can increase the morale of our Indian Army. We must think about our nation, sometimes we share something before knowing the matter which becomes disastrous.

From the entire country and from every corner of India people are paying tribute to martyrs. PM Modi also shows to respect to all the mothers who give birth heroes for the nation. PM Modi urges to the young generation and said, “Share each and every moment our Kargil Vijay Divas Heroes with other people. It will inspire you.”

Taking about coronavirus PM Modi said that our nation is fighting against this virus is commendable. He mentioned that India’s recovery rate is better than other countries. Not only is that rate of decease also less than other countries across the globe. Corona crisis is still there and the situation worried for us. We have to be conscious more and more because this virus is a killer as before.

PM Modi warns the COVID situation in India and said that we have to take all the precautions. Wearing masks is compulsory, social distancing should be maintained. Washing hands and staying in the hygienic situation will help us to remove this crisis. Our Indian villages have shown an excellent way to fight against the virus, he said. The positive approach always help us to fight any tough situation.

Modi also said, “We must take some resolve for Aatmanirbhar Bharat, teach and learn something new and abide by our duties. Definitely we will learn something new and share with each and everyone”. Taking about young generations, Modi said that they are coming in the front row and doing an excellent job for the nation. He also discussed with several students across India. PM Modi urges all youths and countrymen that on the Independence day we take resolve to get freedom coronavirus.

Some self group are working in Bihar also across India. Some people from North East India are making water bottles from bamboos which are really the inspiration for us. Some people are really working excellent to make India self-reliant which is really appreciable. PM Modi also wishes well to all for the Raksha Bandhan.

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