Almost over 6,500 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours have been reported from the states across India. At present, the total number of COVID-19 cases in India increased to 158,333 (Ministry of health and family welfare). The matter of concern is a number of cases in a shorter time. According to official Government data, India took 109 days to register its first one lakh cases, while next 50,000 cases in just nine days which may be a tougher challenge in coming days for India.

Since 30th January 2020 when India reported its first corona positive case, the country is fighting against the disease with all its available strength. Today, India has over 1, 50,000 cases, 67,692 recoveries, and 4,531 deaths, making it the fourth Asian country with such a huge number. Alternatively, India’s strict lockdown measures have confined the infection to megacities and other areas and till now saved the rural areas from its clutch that give us a hope to lift certain restrictions.

It is estimated that the two months of intensive lockdown has prevented some 60,000 deaths along with protecting over two million people from COVID-19. Although in the last few days, more than 50k cases are registered along with projecting cases in those states/districts that earlier had no case especially North Indian states like Goa, Manipur, Ladakh, Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar Island, Meghalaya, etc. Currently, Daman & Die and Lakhshadweep have no cases.

Talking about mega/urban cities, the worst-hit states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, has over 80% active cases with moderately affected like West Bengal, UP, Bihar, Kerala, etc. Another striking fact of this pandemic on the Indian scenario has been seen that people dying with the disease are above 60 Years. To highlight some context, till 22nd May, the rate of India’s testing positivity was 4% with a death rate of 3%, the doubling rate was 13 days and the recovery rate is 40%.

All these are points that highlight that India still occupies a better position when compared with other nations that are worst hit. But not in a position to ignore the fact that it is spreading widely, becoming the fifth in reporting the highest numbers of per day rise. On March 25, there were 536 cases that become 1.50 lakhs rapidly within a span of 2 months. However, per day testing ability has also increased by 100,000, which is lower when compared to affected countries.  Meanwhile, challenges are protruded in forecasting the country’s COVID-19 future trajectory, giving a vivid picture of the pandemic with a steering hope among the people towards the present ruling government.


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