• India’s foreign-exchange reserves surpassed Russia`s and became the fourth largest in the world.
  • India succeeded in hoarding dollars to aid the economy for any outflow whereas Russia faced a decline in its holdings in recent weeks.
  • RBI informed on Friday that India’s foreign currency holding fell by $4.3 billion to $580.3 billion by March 5.
  • India has enough reserve to cover imports for the coming 18 months as the inflow in the local market started to make progress.

India is now at the fourth spot all over the world with regard to its foreign-exchange reserves and has officially surpassed Russia. The Central Bank of the country has guarded enough money to aid the nation from any uncertain outflow. Both the countries experienced a flattened curve of foreign-exchange but India successfully surpassed Russia as the nation experienced a decline in its holdings in the last weeks. 

Reserve Bank of India on Friday stated that the foreign currency of India fell by $4.3 billion to $580.3 billion as of March 5. It also edged out Russian`s pile of $580.1 billion. The countries which are ahead in the list are- China at the first position followed by Japan and Switzerland. With rising in current-account surplus, inflows into the local stock market, and foreign direct investment, it is stated that India has a reservation to cover 18 months of imports.

The analysts said that the changing scenario is relieving for foreign investors and credit rating companies. It is now guaranteed that the government will timely meet its debt obligation even though the fiscal outlook of the entire year remains deteriorating. The Chief Indian Economist at Deutsche, Kaushik Das said that India has experienced an improvement in reserves adequacy metrics in the last few years.

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