Today, the Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke at the Felicitation Ceremony of ‘Dare to Dream 2.0’ Award Winners and Young Scientists of DRDO. Talking about the word ‘Dream’, the Minister mentioned all the innovations, inventions, and discoveries are a result of dreams.

Recalling the former PM Atal Bihar Vajpayee’s dream, he added that the former PM had dreamt of an India where not only remote areas but also the hearts of the people are firmly connected. Singh also recalled the saying of Lt. APJ Abdul Kalam, “Dreams transform into thoughts… And thoughts result in action.”

Addressing the media, he appreciated the goal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make a new dream come true which aims to benefit 1.3 million people. He pointed out that changes in Trade, Economy, Communication, Strategic Affairs, and Military Power is increasing the security requirements of the nations. Keeping in mind the importance of the Global Security Concerns, Border Disputes, and Maritime Affairs, he added that each and every country is focussing on its military modernization, for which the demand for equipment is rising.

He said that it is their utmost objective to strengthen, equip, and prepare the private sector participation in defense development. Rajnath Singh also lauded the efforts undertaken by PM Modi to strengthen the participation of the private industry in the defense sector. With these steps, he added that the potential of MSMEs and the rate of employment have increased. “We have moved rapidly in the direction of not only meeting our domestic security needs but also exporting technology and equipment to a foreign country,” he added.

Noting the climatic difference of various regions in India, the Defense Minister highlighted that special attention should be given to the research and development sector. He also discussed the DRDO’s Directed Research Policy which will be focussing on futuristic surveillance, defensive, and offensive capabilities.

To achieve the dreams, Rajnath Singh emphasized the need to work hard with firm determination. He informed that India is the youngest country in the world with a 60 percent youth population. He outlined that the youth of the country is well prepared to meet not only the needs of today but also the hopes and aspirations of tomorrow.

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