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On Thursday, the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed “strong dismay” over the suspension of the country’s voting rights at the UN General Assembly (UNG25A). He said that the US sanctions are responsible for Tehran’s inability to pay dues.

In a letter to UNGA President Volkan Bozkir, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres mentioned that Iran and the Central African Republic would be losing their voting rights at the UNGA as they should have paid their dues to the world body’s operating budget, which they did not.

Zarif has blamed the United States and said that the reason behind Iran’s inability to attain its financial duty towards the UN is “directly caused by unlawful unilateral sanctions imposed by the US.”

Zarif has prompted the UN to “remain true to the purposes and principles” of the UN charter and to “refrain from any decision that betrays the spirit of sovereign equality of member states, and weakens multilateralism.”


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