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Today, Iran introduced rigid restrictions to control the third wave of coronavirus infections. The nation had closed non-essential businesses and travel curbs. Despite the tough restrictions, it has been reported that the streets of Tehran are overcrowded. A few non-essential businesses were also open, however, it was later closed.

There were pictures all over the social media of crammed metro trains with the hashtag, ‘Coronavirus Kills’. There were images of packed buses as well. Aliteracy Raisi, the Deputy Health Minister informed that 10 percent of people who ignored the protocols could spread the virus to almost 80 percent of the population.

“Especially family gatherings is one of the main causes of the infection,” he added. To encourage people to stay at home, the government has ordered the closure of non-essential businesses and services in 160 high risks “red” towns and cities, where more than 53 million people live, as well as a ban on cars leaving or entering these locations.

Meanwhile, President Hassan Rouhani mentioned that the two-week restrictions could be extended. “If the situation is not under control, the restrictions might extend over two-weeks,” he added.

As per sources, there have been some restrictions applied on 208 lower risks “orange” and 80 “yellow” cities, where the fine for breaches is 50,000,000 rials. Adding the list, there has been a 9-p.m. to 4-a.m. ban imposed on all driving. It has been informed that rule breakers will be fined 10 million rials, or about $37. Iran’s Health Ministry reported 431 COVID-19 deaths over the past 24 hours, taking the overall toll to 44,327.


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