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US special envoy on Yemen Tim Lenderking on Wednesday called Yemen’s gas-rich Marib region, the single biggest threat to peace efforts, and called Iran’s support for Yemen’s Houthi movement “significant and lethal”.

Lenderking told the lawmakers, “We are very concerned over the way Houthis govern; many of their tactics are undemocratic”. He showed distress for the 70,000 US citizens who are currently living in neighboring Saudi Arabia fearing a Houthi attack killing Americans.

He criticized the Yemeni government that didn’t look like a devoted and committed government to the people of Yemen. Ted Deutch, US representative for Florida agreed with Lenderking’s calls for the Houthi offensive on Marib to stop.

The Democrat Congressman said that the militia continues to violate the “basic human rights of the Yemeni people” and is responsible for hindering the essential humanitarian assistance by manipulating fuel supplies and diverting custom revenues.

Republican Congressman Joe Wilson told the briefing that solving the humanitarian crisis and ongoing conflict in Yemen could not be done without addressing the regional threat of the “terrorist regime in Iran.”


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