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  • Till now 52 lakhs passengers have been deported. 
  • Last week 20 lakhs passengers have been deported. 
  • Food and water arrangements have been made for passengers. 
  • Local trains have also been arranged. 
  • Train diversion due to congestion. 

New Delhi: From May 1 i.e. from Shramik Diwas, railways have operated 3,840 Shramik Special Trains. Till now, 52 lakh passengers have been deported of which in the last week about 20 lakh passengers have been sent back home through 1,524 special trains. As per the demands of states, railways have operated trains and as of now, 450 Shramik trains are running. Free food and water are given to the migrants in trains as arranged by the IRCTC and railways.

The Chairman of Railway, Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav said that 80% of the trains have gone to UP and Bihar. Special and proper measures are being taken for the safety of passengers, said the chairman of Railway. Proper arrangements such as screening have been made by the originating states. Arrangements have also been made regarding meals by IRCTC and state governments are also providing food and water for the passengers on board. As of now, 1.25 crore water bottles and 85 lakhs meals have been supplied. He further said that maximum trains have run from 2 pm to 12 midnight. Due to a shortage of bus facilities to help passengers travel back to their homes from the stations, local trains have also been arranged especially in UP and Bihar. 

For a few days, reports of train diversions are being heard and the chairman cleared issues relating to it. Many trains are running together to meet the demands of the state government as a result of which diversion has taken place which had led to congestion. Railway has appealed person with co-morbidities, Children below the age of 10 years, pregnant women and person above 65 years to avoid rail travel unless necessary.

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