Today, the Foreign Minister of Israel welcomed the Czech Republic’s decision to determine Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. In the meeting, Foreign Minister Gabri Ashkenazi mentioned that the decision of the Czech Republic joins the decisions adopted by the E.U. and Latin America.

The Minister further stated that the Czech Republic is a true friend of Israel. “I thank the members of the parliament for this important decision and hope that it will translate into additional steps,” added Ashkenazi. Meanwhile, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland have also adopted the same decision against Hezbollah.

The parliament’s decision was adopted several days after the Estonian Government announced its decision to ban the entrance of Hezbollah operatives to its territory, and after the Guatemalan Government’s recognition of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is leading an interagency effort to increase international pressure on Hezbollah,” said the Minister.

Reportedly last year, around twelve countries have joined the list of states that recognize Hezbollah, including all of its wings, as a terrorist organization.

Ashkenazi has requested other countries, and the EU to join the pressure campaign against Hezbollah, outlaw its activities, and recognize the organization and all of its wings as a terrorist organization.


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