On Wednesday, Israeli government authorities inspected the office of the spyware company, NSO Group. The Israeli Defense Ministry said that govt officials met with representatives of the NSO Group, and added that the Defense Ministry regulates all military exports, including cybersecurity products, and private companies like NSO must receive approval to do business abroad.

The ministry also said that representatives of several bodies visited the office of NSO in order to assess the allegations raised regarding the company. It has been called a “raid” by some international and local Israeli media, however, the NSO Group later clarified that it was just a “visit” not a “raid”.

The NSO group said that they can confirm that representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Defense visited their offices, and added that they welcome their inspection. The NSO group also said that it is working in full transparency with the Israeli authorities, and added that they are confident that this inspection will prove the facts are as declared repeatedly by the company against the false allegations made against them in the recent media attacks.

An international media consortium had reported last week that over 300 verified Indian mobile phone numbers, including two ministers, over 40 journalists, three opposition leaders, besides scores of businesspersons and activists in India, could have been targeted for hacking through the Pegasus spyware of the Israeli firm NSO.


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