Discontented with the government’s inefficiency in handling the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, Japan Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has announced his decision today at the party’s executive meeting of not running in the upcoming leadership election and focusing on the anti-Covid measures.

Suga will be resigning at an emergency meeting with the senior members of his Liberal Democratic Party after running for just one year of his tenure. Defence Minister Nobuo Kishi is shocked by the Prime Minister’s decision and is finding it difficult to respond.

PM Suga had decided to replace the powerful secretary of his party, Toshihiro Nikai, and reshuffle his cabinet to turn public opinion as the recent polls showed the party’s support level going down to 25%. But unfortunately, it has been found out that the move was not enough to save his position.

Japan is witnessing a high rise in its active Covid-19 cases despite the government’s imposition of a repeated state of emergency. Tokyo is currently under its fourth state of emergency which has been extended several times. The state of emergency is expected to be imposed again before lifting it on September 12, 2021. During the pandemic, Japan recorded a total death of about 16,000.


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