Once, being a renowned name in the Indian aviation industry, Jet Airways saw a real and drastic downfall in 2019, leaving thousands of employees jobless and helpless. It has been over 13 months now that the aviation giant has been grounded without any answer to its revival. A company that initiated its operations with four Boeing 737-300 flights after one year of its incorporation i.e. in 1993, funded by a private-public split among Naresh Goyal with 60% stake, Kuwait Airways 20% and Gulf Air with 20% boarded about half a million passengers to around 12 destinations in its first year only.

The company saw a sudden hike in their operation which first witnessed its loss in 2002 when it was flying about 195 flights daily at 37 destinations. In 2003, they turned on quickly that made the founder, Naresh Goyal a paper billionaire. Soon, mergers took place and Jet Airways became India’s largest airline. In November 2018, the company marked a negative curve, and finally, in April 2019, the company shut its doors and undergone severe locking.

Several months passed and biddings are going on constantly to still save the company for its left-over employees and ground staff who still hope to work with this company. On 29th May 2020, Jet Airways observed its fourth attempt for identifying a suitor to bring the company back on the track. This effort received seven Expressions of Interest (EoIs) from seven different bodies in association with Synergy Group’s letter of continuity. Entities like UK-based Kalrock Capital, Hyderabad-based Turbo Aviation, Alpha Airways, and Canadian citizen Siva Rasiah have focused importance in Jet and gave EoIs.

Till now, about 6,000 employees of Jet Airways including Pilots, Cabin Crews, Aircraft Engineers, and ground staffs are still engaged in 9W’s payroll system who wants to keep their loyalty for the company. If we deeply think about the number then not only 6,000 employees are under stressful conditions but their entire family is undergoing sufferings of joblessness and its associated downfalls. The next push drowned them more in this hour of the pandemic when at one side they had to live without income and on the other, they are suffering fears and apprehensions of losing lives amidst COVID-19. Who will listen to their pains? Who will understand their sufferings? Will the company revive any day in the future? If yes, then when the day will come?  These are some unanswered, unheard, and unseen questions that may hide/succumb at the depth of either pandemic or any other crisis, forgetting the pleas and soreness of these people.

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  1. Thanks for keeping the momentum for revival of Jet Airways alive.This topic should never end,as the airline has not been declared insolvent.How could an Airline shut down its operations in April 2019,when it’s placing an order of 250 Max Boeing 737 in November 2018.Why the effect of increasing price of crude oil effected jet Airways only but not the other Airlines? Why the dollar price has effected jet Airways only but not the other Airlines? What is the SBI doing with its balance 17 Aircraft?Where the money earned is going for leasing all these aircrafts?

  2. The oñly man oñ earth is Mr Naresh goel, he only càn revive this airline he has the knowledge how to restart the grounded airline .


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