Ranchi: Recently, the Jharkhand government declared that Rs. 1 Lakh fine will be charged from people for not wearing a mask in public places and two years of jail for violating the lockdown guidelines. This initiative has taken after a spike in COVID-19 cases and there are no beds in government hospitals. The Jharkhand Cabinet has issued the Infectious Diseases Ordinance (IDO). Currently, the government has decided that now the private hospital and the banquet halls are going to be used as an Isolation ward. Isolation wards for corona patients have been made in the residential areas by the government.

So, far Jharkhand is the first state that comes up with such strict decisions. However, no further information has been revealed how long this lockdown and restriction will be imposed upon. This is an effort taken by the state government to mitigate the situation along with saving the lives of people.


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