• · The exchange of fire started after police forces tried to intercept a vehicle
  • · However, no one could be traced in spite of a combing operation conducted by the security forces
  • · The Union home minister is scheduled to reach Srinagar on Saturday for a three-day visit

On Thursday, Srinagar’s Chanapora witnessed a gun battle, after the security personnel tried to stop a vehicle. A combing operation was conducted in the locality by the police and the paramilitary forces, however, no one could be tracked. According to a police officer, the militants who were responsible for opening fire could have escaped in the cloak of the darkness.

He has further said, “the forces are still keeping a close watch on the area…” A total of 11 civilians have been deceased in the valley this month ahead of targeted attacks. This has led the concerned authorities to tighten the security arrangements, especially in Srinagar.

On Saturday, Union home minister Amit Shah is scheduled to arrive at Srinagar on a three-day visit. Additional checking points have been set up in the city by the police personnel. They have also seized some bikes. However, inspector general Vijay Kumar has tweeted on Thursday, “Seizing some bikes and shutting down the internet of some towers is purely related to terror violence. It has nothing to do with the visit of the Hon’ble HM (Shah).”


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