On Tuesday, the White House confirmed that the first face-to-face meeting between President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will be held next month in Switzerland. The administration and the Kremlin finalized the arrangements for the summit.

As the US-Russia relationship seeks to restore predictability and stability, the leaders will come together on June 15-16. Kremlin in its statement said that meet intends to discuss the state and prospects of further development of Russian-American relations, their problems of strategic stability and also topical issues on the international agenda which includes interaction in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic as well as settlement of regional conflicts.

This week, White House dispatched National security adviser Jake Sullivan to Geneva to meet his Russian counterpart. Three years ago, Putin met President Donal Trump in Helsinki, Finland. According to the officials this meeting with Biden will be very different from that held in July 2018 summit, where Trump sided with Putin and openly dismissed US intelligence about Russian interference in the 2016 election.

This meeting will be Biden’s first meeting with Putin as US President. Biden hopes to establish a clear communication between the countries despite their deteriorating relations on issues like Ukraine and election interference. Even after the US applied harsh new sanctions and other punishments on Russia, Putin has appeared receptive to the offer.


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