Jordan, on Tuesday, prohibited all the media houses and social media users in the country from posting anything against Prince Hamza, half-brother of King Abdullah, the ruler of Jordan. The prince has been accused of conspiring to destabilize the country.

Jordan’s military had warned the Prince concerning his actions stating that they were undermining Jordan’s “security and stability”. Following the event, Hamza pledged his faithfulness to the king after the royal family’s mediation on Monday. 

Hamza had accused Jordan’s authorities of being involved in corruption and serving selfish interests in an anomalous public criticism. Hamza was relieved from the title of ‘Crown Prince’ by King Abdullah in 2004.

The Jordanian government accused Hafza of conspiring with people allied with foreign organizations to disrupt the country. They stated that he had been under probe for some time. 

“To ensure and protect the secrecy of the current probe being undertaken by the security services about His Highness Prince Hamzah bin Hussain and others, Amman`s public prosecutor has decided to prohibit the publication of everything related to the probe of the prince,” sources stated.

The ban has been brought into effect and no media source has been exempted from it. A voice-recording of the prince released by Jordan’s oppositional authorities on Monday, exposes him saying that he would not comply after being barricaded from any activities and asked to stay hush. 

Though not qualifying as a direct menace to the throne, Hamza had recently made visits to tribal gatherings who have extensively criticized the King and his government.  

Saudi Arabia being quick on its feet was among the first countries to issue a statement supporting the King. Sources revealed that Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan, on Monday, traveled to Amman to meet Jordan’s foreign minister, Ayman Safadi. 

“Saudi King Salman reaffirmed the kingdom`s support in all the efforts to safeguard Jordan and its interests,” sources confirmed. King Abdullah had expressed his “appreciation for the kingdom`s continuous and absolute support towards Jordan,” they stated.


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