Karthik Aaryan with Mrunal Thakur and Amruta Subhash will be the upcoming guests on The Kapil Sharma Show. The trio will be there to promote their film Dhamaka.

A video released by Sony Entertainment television showed host Kapil Sharma pulling Kartik’s leg about how he had been able to snatch Akshay Kumar’s film. Listening to it, Karthik blushed and hid his face behind his hands.

“Yeh pehla banda hai jinhone Akshay Kumar ki film chheen li (He is the first one to snatch Akshay Kumar’s film),” Kapil said. Kartik blushed and hid his face in his hands.

Kapil revealed how Akshay Kumar was chosen as a brand ambassador for a product he initially endorsed. “Akshay paaji ka toh aapko pata hai, unhone kaam chheenne mein three-year degree course kiya hua hai ( Akshay Kumar has done a three-year degree course in how to snatch other people’s work),” he joked, adding that Kartik is the only one who could beat him at his stint, making the actor blush.

Kapil Sharma was talking about Karthik Aaryan’s upcoming film Bhool Bhulaiya 2. Akshay Kumar played the lead in the first film. Kapil, later on, asked Mrunal who was also a guest on the show that why hasn’t been she linked with anyone till now. Was it because she has a strong work ethic, or that people are scared of her ‘Thakur’ surname. Mrunal then asked him to find her a partner and he, in his signature flirtatious style, replied, “Main kisi ko kyun dhoondhu (Why should I find someone)?” His answer left her surprised.

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