Image Courtesy: Colors TV, Twitter

With the entry of new contestants, spark seems to have been added in the show, and exciting twist and turns seem to be waiting. Wild card entry Kavita Kaushik becomes the new captain of the house and Eijaz advises her to be extremely strict. On seeing a lot of mess Kavita becomes upset.

Shardul Pandit comes under the radar of Captain Kavita while the captain flares and warns Shardul not to break any rules. She also pulls up Pavitra and both engage in massive arguments. Pavitra says even though she (Kavita) is the captain she must not forget that she has just entered the house. Later, we see Shardul flirting with Pavitra and tells that she can only flirt with him. Pavitra was then seen turning pink and blushing. He is also seen playing the role of Cupid between Jaan-Nikki and Naina-Rahul.

Up next came the nominations where they were asked to nominate two contestants they do not deserve to stay in BB14. Pavitra and Eijaz were already nominated as they were in the red zone. Rahul was seen nominating Jaan and the two was then seen clashing with one another.

Rahul takes a dig at Jaan saying he is in the house because of his dad, and that he hates Nepotism. He then nominated Rubina while she too nominated him. Jaan’s nomination was shocking as he nominated his lady love interest in the show, Nikki Tamboli. Captain Kavita had got the opportunity to save one contestant from the nomination tonight and it was Eijaz Khan.


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