The trailers of ‘Miss India’ starring National Award-winning actress Keerthy Suresh is out on Netflix. The Narendra Nath film ‘Miss India’ will not be released on theatres instead will be directly aired on the streaming giant, Netflix. Fans were anticipated to watch the trailers and the wait finally came to an end.

The trailer launched gives a glimpse of a young girl named Samyuktha who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur. In the opening of the trailer, we see an elderly ask young Samyuktha of what she wants to become when she grows up. Young child Samyuktha says she wants to do an MBA and then aspires to start her own business. However, like many others, Samyuktha too does face hurdles in her way and her family was seen not supporting her decision. Further in the trailer this young girl grows into a beautiful woman and works hard to make her dreams come true. Eventually, she succeeds in shocking everyone with her decision.

While making her dreams come true there were many who challenged her doing business. She had decided to open ‘Indian Chai’ in the foreign markets. The Narendra Nath Film starring Keerthy Suresh trailer is already winning hearts. The actress is looking mesmerizing and the movie is all set to release on 4 November 2020.


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