Kejriwal Govt To Submit Proposal To SC On Imposing Lockdown To Combat Pollution



  • The move comes after the SC ordered an imposition of lockdown to combat hefty rates of pollution in the city
  • The air quality of Delhi has worsened with 470-499 being the average rate
  • Amid the pollution crisis, the government has closed down schools till Nov 20, construction activities will be suspended till Nov 17

On Monday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) will submit a proposal to the Supreme Court (SC), regarding the imposition of a lockdown in the city, in light of the rising pollution. The development comes ahead of the SC asking the Central and the city administrations to take urgent steps in order to develop the air quality of the city. The top court has given suggestions for a lockdown as well.

Various factors lead to the worsening of the air quality of Delhi during winter times. The factors include, transport emissions, open garbage burning, etc. The Air Quality Index (AQI) this year has not shown good results, with 470-499 being its average read. The air quality of the city has worsened to the level of affecting people with both healthy and weak lungs.

The AAP led Delhi government has asked all government employees to work from home. It has also temporarily closed down schools till November 20 and suspended all sorts of construction activities till November 17. Environment minister Gopal Rai has stated, “In the order issued on late Saturday night by the department, we have clarified that those schools or educational institutions where exams are already being conducted will remain open. All other educational institutions will be closed till November 20.”

Diesel generator sets and coal kilns in the city are likely to be shut down after suggestions from the government. The AAP government has taken various other administrations including increasing the frequency of metros and buses, increasing parking fees to reduce the usage of private vehicles. In the meantime, at least 400 water tankers will be sprinkling water throughout the city in order to combat the hefty dust rates.


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