On Thursday, the Kerala high court directed ED for not arresting M Sivasankar, who was former principal secretary to Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan when alleged gold smuggling through diplomatic channel became exposed, until 23rd October.

Justice Ashok Menon issued the mandate while looking for the perspectives on Enforcement Directorate (ED) on an expectant bail recorded by the senior IAS official imprisoning arrest. The chance of arrest regardless of completely helping out the focal organizations was additionally featured by senior guidance P Vijayabhanu, who spoke to the applicant at the consultation. 

ASG Reports 
Additional Solicitor general (ASG) SV Raju, who spoke to ED, presented that the reasons expressed by the IAS official in his expectant bail supplication for dreading capture are lost. In any case, he protested the court recording as an endeavor that the IAS official won’t be arrested. The ASG additionally presented that the parts of some compelling people are yet to be found out. Even though the court at first presented the case on 3rd November and gave an order not to arrest to that point, it was booked to October 23rd after the ASG presented that a prior hearing ought to be held in such a mandate is being given by the court. 

Presently, Enforcement Directorate has documented a charge sheet under the court for money laundering case in which a few discoveries have been made pointing fingers at him, the appeal had said. Appealing to the court for an expectant bail, the senior IAS official had said in his request that the examining organization might be constrained to capture him to fulfill certain personal stakes.

Sivasankar clarification on linkage to the case
Sivasankar’s had said that he met Swapna Suresh, who was a secretary at the UAE office general and a key accused in the gold smuggling case, as a major aspect of authentic obligations and afterward became companions with her and her family. They used to go to social gatherings together and have joined in birthday festivities and also exchanged gifts. In any case, he didn’t realize that Swapna and others were engaged with gold smuggling. 

The petitioner had asserted that, During cross-examination, he had referenced that he knew about Swapna’s acknowledgment of tip from the leader of Sharjah. On her request to account for this cash, he acquainted her with his CA and referenced the tip amount in WhatsApp messages to the CA. These discussions occurred in any event 8 or a year before the supposed crime. However, the charge sheet presents the messages as though it relates to the treatment of cash identified with supposed gold smuggling.


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