London Police have warned people in an online open letter regarding the protest mentioning that attending any gathering that will breach Covid-19 outbreak will be punishable.

Jane Connors, Deputy Assistant Commissioner leader of Metropolitan Police’s strategic response to COVID-19 states that the authority doesn’t want to waste their efforts which has controlled the spread of the disease and they have been able to welcome limited relaxation of rules. He added that people should follow the Covid-19 protocols and avoid any large gatherings.

As during last month in Bristol, several protests against the British government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill turned violent, this is the latest demonstration seen.

Last weekend, ten people were arrested during the “Kill the Bill” demonstration. The officers were sent to clear the streets.

According to the bill, the police in England and Wales will give them power to impose conditions on non-violent protests and those found guilty will be imprisoned.

The Police in Bristol, were criticized last month for crackdowns on three protests against the bill. Thousands of people have turned up to a protest and the protestors have attacked the police in Bristol.

As angry scenes unfolded in downtown Bristol, the officers suffered broken bones and police vans were set alight.


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