• The ordinances include the extension of tenures of the CBI and ED chiefs
  • Kharge has opposed the Centre accusing it of using the agencies in their favour
  • The Cong leader has also given a call to all opposition parties to unite on the issue

On Tuesday, two latest ordinances by the Centre have been opposed by the opposition parties. Citing the decisions to give the chiefs of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) empowerment to their positions up to five years, the opposition has taken a jab at the Central government. Malikarjun Kharge, the opposition leader in the Rajya Sabha, has expressed his discontent over the new norms imposed by the Centre.

Kharge has stated, “They are killing democracy and they are destroying the constitution. Ultimately, they want to become dictators.” Several questions have been raised by Kharge, pinning the BJP led government.

Malikarjun has questioned the urgency of extending the tenure from two to five years when there was no war going on. He also said that the decisions could have been put forth in the Parliament where it could have received a deep introspection. The veteran politician has said that the BJP wants to prove that they are capable of doing anything with the majority, utilizing the CBI and ED in their favour.

Kharge has pointed out nepotistic tendencies in the decision to increase tenure. He believed that the Centre wanted to place their own people in the organizations so that they could harass the common mass, journalists and NGOs for a long.

When said that the Centre believed that extension of the tenure of CBI chief will allow them to follow up a case from investigation to a conclusion, Malikarjun stated, “Now, over 70 years after independence, suddenly they find a fault in the agencies. I do not agree with this because they want their choice of people who have longevity.”

The opposition is planning to take up the issue in Parliament. All oppositions are being asked to remain united on the issue in light of the fact that “Centre is killing democracy and they are not following the Constitutional rules and procedures.” The Congress leader has further said that the independent institutions are gradually becoming solely obedient to the Central government. He said that the BJP government ruling the Centre wants to control everything as if they will be ruling for 100 years.


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