Kiran Nadar Museum Of Art SHOWCASES Scripting Time: Memory


NANCY JAISWAL: The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art initiates the season with four exhibitions, a primal design allies three exhibitions with Scripting Time | Memory | Ecology will be curated by Roobina Karode. The triad consists of around 160 artworks belonging from different stages and artistic careers of seven women artists.

The exhibitions, Zarina: A Life in Nine Lines, Across Decades – Borders – Geographies;

Line, Beats, and Shadows: Ayesha Sultana, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Lala Rukh, and Sumakshi Singh and Abstracting Nature: Mrinalini Mukherjee and Jayashree Chakravarty revisited and engaged with a range language of abstraction. In all three expositions, configurations were built out of drawings, prints in woodcuts, lithographs, aquatints, collages, paper casts, metal casts, installations, gesso work, and sculptures in a range of mediums as varied as bronze and lace embroidery. “The exhibitions showcase works of seven women artists, whose personal experiences and generational differences spanning numerous decades mark the key moments in the long and troubled durée of South Asian history. Providing a spectrum of artistic languages varying from the abstract and allusive to the quasi-representational, these works gracefully move between the spiritual and political, the frugal and exuberant”, said curator of the exhibitions Roobina Karode.

Zarina: A Life in Nine Lines | Decades – Borders and Geographies is a solo show dedicated to the artistic career of Zarina Hashmi. Basically exploring the medium of paper and her fascination towards the same, the exhibition displays woodcut prints, lithographs, etchings, paper, and metal cast works along with sculptural objects, Zarina conjures ideas around ‘home or homeland’, which recall different timelines, places and emotional states where home is mainly imagined in the form of nostalgia, relationships, and geographies. The show Line, Beats, and Shadows presents artists namely- Ayesha Sultana, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Lala Rukh, and Sumakshi Singh and their unique interpretation of abstraction.

In this show of Abstracting Nature with Mrinalini Mukherjee and Jayashree Chakraverty, there is a different approach where they blend the myriad objects, images, and ideas extracted from nature into their own body of work, as an abstract and in an arcane visual language.

The range of monochromatic works including – etchings and watercolor works from the museum collection dates back to Mrinalini’s baby years of art practice

For years as of now, Jayashree’s preoccupations and concerns in her practice have largely called for the shrinking of natural habitat and water bodies in ever-expanding Indian cities. Mrinalini Mukherjee’s early hemp and fibre work Squirrel, reveal a primitive beauty of exuberance, and Jayashree Chakravarti’s suggestive forms nearing abstraction in contrast to Mukherjee’s powerful rendition, remember landscapes and nature uniquely. Right to Laziness… no, strike that! Side walking with the man saying sorry is a part of Young Artists of Our Times, devised by Akansha Rastogi.


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