On Sunday, near the capital of Libya, at Tripoli, the Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha, successfully survived an assassination attempt. The convoy of Bashagha “was fired on from an armored car while he was on the highway” near Tripoli.

As per sources, two assailants were arrested while the third assailant identified as Radwan al-Hangari, later died in the hospital. As per the officials’ assumption, Zawiya hailed the three assailants. Zawiya is situated 50 kilometers (30 miles) west of Tripoli.

Around 3 pm (1300 GMT), an intense exchange of gunfire occurred on the coastal road near Janzur on the eastern edges of Tripoli. Later, the security forces closed the road for nearly an hour for investigation.

The interior ministry, after the incident, has assured everyone that the minister is unharmed and safe. The ministry, in a statement, claimed that the minister was targeted in an “assassination attempt as he returned from his residence in Janzur”. 

The attackers used an armored, machine gun fitted Toyota truck. So far, only a security guard has been reported as injured. As per sources, the arrested militants are being questioned.


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