• The Hyderabad police followed an intensive investigation arrested a Chinese guy involved in a mobile app providing instant loans via customer care service.
  • Loans were quickly sanctioned, but then comes the harassment for repayment. 
  • Several such cases were reported to police which made their investigation strong.
  • The police arrested another person involved in key operations of the customer service.

On Wednesday, a Chinese national was arrested by Hyderabad police, following its investigation related to a mobile app that gives instant loans via customer service. The loans are sanctioned quickly, but after that customers are harassed for repayment. The investigation was operated after several such cases were reported.

According to police reports, the Chinese guy was the head of 4 such operations. A preliminary investigation revealed a transaction close to 1.4 crore worth Rs 21,000 crore which took place. Police arrested another person involved in customer service.

Police informed that the Chinese guy aged 27-year was trying to leave the country when he was intercepted by the police. The other person arrested by the police, as per the report is a native resident of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. The Cyber Crime Department of Hyderabad Police Station is currently investigating 27 cases concerning the issue of loans sanctioned by unauthorized loan apps and followed up harassment through call centers.

The police informed that a hefty amount of transaction has taken place over the last six months, concerning which the investigation is on. It is also doubted that another Chinese national is involved in the operation, and the person is operating from abroad. The police successfully arrested 11 people in December. These people were located in five different call centers in Gurgaon, Haryana, and Hyderabad. Reportedly they were harassing and intimidating people for repayment.

Three cases of suicide were also been reported, which crack opened the investigation. The suicide case of a software engineer was the latest one, who reportedly took Rs 8 lakh loan, but failed to repay as covid-19 hit the country and he lost his job. Police reported many harassment calls and messages to his contacts branding the person as ‘fraudster’.

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