Comparing Congress’ General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi to her grandmother and India’s first and only female prime minister, a man in Vrindavan said, “Yeh doosri Indira Gandhi hai, yeh desh ko chalayegi.”  Gandhi entered the street surrounded by her security officials and responded to locals’ ‘Radhe Radhe’ greetings. The incident occurred during Gandhi’s visit to the Banke Bihari temple. The man’s response came after security guards stopped him from meeting the leader. 

The man further praised the party saying that Congress has worked hard but others are now benefitting from their toiling. Gandhi during her visit to the state held a kisan panchayat in Mathura as the party is protesting against the three black farm laws. She further spats on the government saying that they are ignorant of farmers’ conditions and had cut their electricity supply, water supply, and beat them up but did not hear them out.


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