Today, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation to convey his greetings to everyone on the occasion of Guru or Ashadha Poornima. He mends the day for remembering our Gurus who gave us knowledge. In this spirit, he gave his tribute to Lord Buddha. The International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) celebrates the day as Ashada Poornima as Dharma Chakra Day.

Talking about the extra-ordinary challenges that the world is facing currently, PM Modi signified that lasting solutions can be brought about through following the ideals of Lord Buddha through hopes and purposes. They were relevant in the past. This is relevant in the present and will remain relevant in the future. The youth must follow Lord Buddha’s teachings to obtain calmness and peace into their minds to grow and develop themselves and the nation.

PM Modi mentioned the eight-fold paths of Buddha that show the way for the well-being of many societies and nations. This is an epitome that displays the significance of compassion and kindness for all.  He highlights that the teachings of Lord Buddha instruct simplicity both in thoughts and actions. 

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