The Madras High Court refused Election Commission’s plea against the Media for publishing oral observations made by the court, blaming the Election Commission of India for the surge in Covid 19 cases.

Repeated requests by senior advocate Rajesh Dwivedi on the behalf of the EC were denied by the court. The first bench consisting of Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy refused any kind of liberty to the commission.

The issue is regarding the hearing on April 26 when a Suo Moto PIL was initiated by the court to monitor the state’s preparedness in tackling the CoronaVirus Pandemic’s second wave.

During the plea hearing, Commission sought Court’s direct order to media houses to refrain from reporting oral observations made by the court during proceedings and only stick to recorded material and judgments.

News reports on the oral comment of the court, ECI is “the institution that is singularly responsible for the situation prevalent today” and that ECI should be put up for murder charges had caused grave prejudice to the commission, the senior advocate said.

He added that numerous police complaints are being lodged against the commission seeking action for the criminal offenses. In reply to the plea, the court said, “Courts are there, They can be approached if any vague complaints are made.”

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