Recently on the sets of MTV’s reality show Supermodel of the Year, co-judges, Milind Soman and Malaika Arora talked about who has the most chances of getting their attention. While Malaika’s answer was what you might expect, Milind Soman’s might not be.

Milind Soman had no reservations while letting his co-judge know about his preference. Milind Soman, it seems, has a liking for women who are “psycho”. And as the crew erupted in laughter on hearing the unexpected comment, Malaika Arora was left dumbfounded. Soman went on and explained that the woman that can catch his eye would have to be someone who is loud and can make her presence known. Malaika, still in disbelief, made it clear that she would run the other way if she was on a date with a person like this.

Her preference, as she explained, leaned on the ‘saner’ side. She explained that the man who could catch her attention would be someone who doesn’t shy away from being flirtatious and can kiss really well; and if a man were to be someone to dabble in gossip, she would look the other way while the biggest turn off for Milind Soman would be a woman who lies.

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