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The Delhi Police have arrested a man for making a call to the police wherein he threatened to kill Prime Minister Modi. The Delhi police have reported that the 22-year-old man has been arrested and identified as Salman alias Armaan.

To his call to the police, he said, “I want to kill Modi”, prompting the police department to take immediate action and launch an investigation.

The man was arrested from the Khajuri Khas area of the national capital. Salman has confessed that he had made the call to police, threatening to kill the Prime Minister. He said that made the call as he “wanted” to go to jail. He is addicted to drugs and sent to a juvenile correction home in 2018 in a murder case, the police said.

According to a preliminary investigation, Salman was under the influence of drugs at the time when he was making the call. He was scolded by his father at around 10 pm. A senior official informed that he wanted to go to jail, he said, “wahin mann lagta hai mera (I like being in the jail)”

The accused also informed that he is into the consumption of drugs and is an addict. The Senior officials said that protocol will be followed and he will be investigated by the Intelligence Bureau before any legal action is taken against him.

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