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  • At least 12 out of the 45 deceased were children
  • 7 people managed to rescue themselves after they jumped off the bus, however, they have been heavily injured
  • The interim minister of the country has called the incident to be an “enormous tragedy”

On Tuesday, massive death reports arrived from Bulgaria, after a bus carrying tourists caught fire ahead of a commotion. The crash killed at least 45 people, out of which 12 were children. Reports have stated that the incident took place on a Bulgarian highway. Seven people survived the accident as they managed to jump out of the bus. However, they have been taken to a Sofia hospital in severely injured condition.

Stefan Yanev, the interim minister of the country, mourned the incident as he said, “We have an enormous tragedy here.” Bulgarian interior minister Boyko Rashkov has attributed the scenario of the crash to be terrifying. He has stated, “I have never seen anything like that before.”

The reason behind the accident has not been identified yet. According to a concerned official, fire may have struck the bus before or after the crash. Borislav Sarafov, who is the chief of the Bulgarian Investigative service has said, “Human mistake by the driver or a technical malfunction are the two initial versions for the accident.”

The bus carried tourists who were mostly from North Macedonia. They were returning to Skopje city, after spending their holidays in Turkey. The rates of road accidents that take place in Bulgaria have remained at the top since the year 2019. Previous reports have revealed that the country stands to be the second-highest among the European Union countries to have road fatalities.


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