Lucknow: On Friday, the BSP president Mayawati favoured that an invitation is extended to Dalit Mahamandelshwar Kanhaiya Prabhunandan Giri for the ”Bhoomi Pujan” ceremony of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, saying it would have some impact on the constitutional intention of setting a casteless society.

“In view of the complaint of Dalit Mahamandelshwar Swami Kanhaiya Prabhunanadan Giri, it would have been better if he was also invited to the “Bhoomi pujan” ceremony in Ayodhya on August 5 along with 200 other saints. This could have had some impact on the constitutional intention of establishing a casteless society in the country,” tweeted, by the BSP president.

“As an alternative of getting into all this, the Dalit samaj, which has been suffering neglect, contempt, and injustice, should focus more on their labour and deeds for their salvation and in this case too they need to follow the path shown by Bhimrao Ambedkar” she further added.


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