On Monday night, Mexico City metro’s elevated section had collapsed and sent a subway car thrusting toward a busy road and as per the authorities, at least 20 people were killed while 70 others were injured and also a car got under the wreckage.

Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum informed that 34 people were hospitalized, according to initial figures. Sheinbaum added that a support beam gave way but it collapsed just as the train passed over it.

For the rescue work, a crane had been brought in to hold up the subway car, so that emergency workers could enter into the rubble and check if anyone was still trapped or not. The crane was brought because at midnight, rescue efforts were interrupted for a short period of time as the partially hanging train was very weak.

In Southern Mexico City, the overpass occurred about 16 feet above the road but the train ran above a concrete strip, apparently which lessened the fatalities among vehicles on the roadway below. The foreign minister of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard tweeted, “What has happened on the metro today is a terrible tragedy.”


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