• The Cabinet Committee on Security led by PM Narendra Modi sanctioned the indigenous defense deal worth Rs 4,8000 crore.
  • The deal will procure the fighter jet Tejas and strengthen the Indian Air Force, stated Rajnath Singh.
  • The news was confirmed by Defense Minister himself, and he marked Tejas to be the backbone of IAF in the near future.
  • An initial tender for procurement of 83 Tejas aircraft was put forward by IAF three years back.

The Cabinet Committee on Security led by PM Modi on Wednesday sanctioned the deal involving indigenous defense worth Rs 48,000 crores that will consequently strengthen the Indian Air Force’s fleet of LCA- Tejas fighter jets. This was confirmed by Defense Minister, Rajnath Singh.

The Defense Minister on Twitter stated that the approval of the deal and remarked it to be a game-changer. According to the views of Rajnath Singh, in the future, Tejas will be the backbone of the fighter fleet of IAF.

The IAF had issued the initial tender procurement three years back for 83 Tejas aircraft- the four-and-half generation combat jet. Rajnath Singh informed that LCA-Tejas involves a lot of new technologies many of which are unseen in India, half of the indigenous content is Mk1A- variant which will be in the future enhanced to level 60.

Second-line manufacturing facilities in Nasik and Bengaluru divisions have already started as per the information given by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). On a note to that Rajnath Singh also informed, “Equipped with the augmented infrastructure the HAL will steer LCA-Mk1A production for timely deliveries to the IAF.” Singh thanked PM for the historic decision, and look towards the near future where the Tejas program would be a catalyst in the process of turning Indian airspace more vibrant ecosystem and self-reliant.


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