PM Narendra Modi held a virtual bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen, emphasizing their commitment to extend the hands of a fruitful partnership. PM Modi expressed concern regarding the issues that the country faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through this meeting, PM Modi said that he has close connectivity with Denmark as historic meetings had also taken place years back. Transparent, humanitarian and democratic system sharing countries should stay together to strengthen their bonds and for handling problematic situations, said Modi intending Denmark.

Collaboration should be there between Indi and Denmark to share the vaccine for the deadly virus. Talking about the Aatmnanirbhar Bharat, PM Modi said that India is stressing on all-round reforms to not only develop India but also bring progress on the global platform.

Modi mentioned the associated risk that hampers the Global supply chain if dependent on any single source amidst COVID-19. India is working with Japan and Australia for supply-chain diversification and resilience. He also welcomed other like-minded nations to join the system.

The PM of Denmark said that the nation has been in relation to India for 400 years and the meeting is a milestone for them. She recognized Modi’s excellent leadership and cooperation during the corona pandemic. Talking about like-mindedness between the two nations, she said that India and Denmark have always supported each other and promised to work together in a collaborative manner. 

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