‘Modi Lies’, Accuses Rahul Gandhi Amid WHO Report Of India’s Covid-19 Death Toll

Taking the WHO report for India with the highest Covid-19 fatality nation, Rahul Gandhi called Modi a lier and highlighted the death number as 47 lakhs and not 4.7 lakhs


The World Health Organisation issued a report on COVID-19 fatality counts in which it is shown that India ranks top with more than 47 lakhs of deaths. This brings a platform for the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to spark a fresh attack on the Modi-led Central Government regarding the number of deaths registered by the Indian authorities.

Taking the social media account, the former Congress Chief accused the Centre and stated, “47 lakhs Indians died due to the Covid pandemic. NOT 4.8 lakh as claimed by the Govt.” Further, he penned, “Science doesn’t LIE. Modi does.” Along with the note, he also posted a graph that shows a Pandemic-Related Absolute Excess Mortality data.

In the post, Rahul Gandhi also expressed his respect for the families who have lost loved ones. Meanwhile, he appealed to the Centre for supporting the families of the Covid-19 victims with the mandated Rs 4 lakh compensation.

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