Bigg Boss OTT contestant Raqesh Bapat confessed that he has romantic feelings for his reality show connection Shamita Shetty. He admitted that it was quite evident on the show.

Raqesh said that though he likes Shamita more than just friends, they are still not in a relationship. The actor said that they are still getting to know each other, and are not ready to be exclusive yet.

Shamita and Raqesh were one of the most dynamic connections of the Bigg Boss OTT which streamed on Voot, they were also seen giving kisses and hugs to each other on the show while it ran. The couple was lovingly known as ‘ShaRa’ by their fans.

Raqesh was asked if his feelings for Shamita are just platonic or not. The actor replied, “Obviously, it’s a little more than just friends. It was quite evident in the show. Yes, she is special, she is somebody I really like to spend time with, to talk to, to communicate with,” he said.

Speaking about Shamita, Raqesh had said that she is a very strong woman, with a pure soul. Raqesh also said that Shamita is someone he wants to be with. The actor has described Shamita as someone who cares a lot for people around her.

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