• The former Governor of Goa who served her office till August 2019 passes away.
  • Mridula Sinha was a veteran BJP Leader, a prolific writer, and one term Governor of Goa.
  • The Prime Minister and Home Minister of India deeply saddened by the news shared their condolence on Twitter.

Born on 27th November 1942 in the Chhapra Dharampur Yadu village in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, Mridula Sinha was a psychology student, a lecturer in Dr. S.K Sinha Women`s College, and owner of a little school in Muzaffarpur. Words, languages, and study were in her veins. Mridula Sinha was married to Ram Kripal Sinha was also a college lecturer. She loved listening to people, may it be good tales or bad.

Mridula gave all those tales words of her own and started her career in writing. Along with the support of her husband, she wrote short stories and folk tales about all the events happening in the village. These stories were published in Hindi and known as ‘Bihar ki Lok- kathayen’ (folk tales of Bihar). Mridula Sinha also wrote a biography of Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia naming it ‘Ek Thi Rani Aisi Bhi’ which was later converted into a film.

Other literary contributions of Mridula Sinha as a magnificent writer were- Nayi devyani, Dhai bigha zameen, Apna Jeevan, Antim iccha, Ya Nari sarvbhuteshu. Piece of writings reached out to the world and portrayed the folk culture and environment of village life.

Ram Kripal Sinha was involved in politics and elections and during his campaign, Mridula Sinha helped him with her special connection with women in the village. During her campaign days, she found out that with her knowledge and potential, there are many things she can do for social welfare. Although she was not interested in electoral policy, a desire of helping needy people outdrove her in politics and her first step was attaining the position of Chairperson of the Social Welfare Board.

As the day passed, with good work her husband became a member of the Cabinet and until August 2014 she remained in the position of the national executive of Bharatiya Janata Party. In the 2014 campaign of BJP`s election days, she was heading the BJP Women Wing. On 25th August 2014, Mridula Sinha was appointed as the Governor of Goa. 

Losing such an important political figure has shaken the BJP and thus Narendra Modi shared his thoughts on Twitter. He writes- “Smt. Mridula Sinha Ji will be remembered for her efforts towards public service. She was also a proficient writer, making extensive contributions to the world of literature as well as culture. Anguished by her demise. Condolences to her family and admirers. Om Shanti.” 


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