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On Tuesday, the roads in Yangon were sprayed with red paint by the pro-democratic protesters of Myanmar. This was done to remind the people that their hands are stained with blood as the crisis created by a military coup in the Southeast Asian nation dragged on with no end in sight.

The leaflets call for a boycott of next week’s Thingyan Water Festival that marks the Buddhist new year were distributed in Yangon by several groups. They claimed that this ban would be a sign of compassion for the families of those killed.

The advocacy group Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) said that during the two months of disturbance since the February 1 coup, approximately 570 people have been killed, 3500 security forces have been arrested, about four-fifths of them still in custody.

During the restriction imposed by the security forces that have caused weeks of international disgrace, the protestors woke early in Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon and started to spray and splash red paints across the pavements, roads, bus shelters.

One of the messages in red read, “The blood has not dried”. Accusing junta leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, a message read that don’t kill people just for a small salary which is equivalent to the cost of a dog’s food.

In the past two months, the outrage in the people of Myanmar due to the return of a military government has been rising. This has brought an abrupt end to a democratic era and reform in the economy.

This movement has been termed as a ‘spring revolution’ by some of the protestors as it characterized street marches, unusual acts of nonviolent revolt, and civil disobedience campaigns that aimed to disable the government apparatus.

On Wednesday, a protest to burn Chinese-made goods is scheduled. Khin Sundar, an activist, and a protest organizer said that presently the mindset of people is such that it doesn’t matter to them who called for the protest or what kind of protest it is, they are just ready to follow it.


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