Naaz Joshi born in New Delhi becomes the first Indian transgender International beauty queen bagged her 6th international crown for India. She is a Trans right activist and a motivational speaker. Naaz won the Miss World Diversity beauty pageant three times in a row, which was conducted digitally this year due to Covid-19 outbreak. Out of the given tasks she picked women safety, where she competed with the other 30 contestants.

As an activist and the task given she educated women in rural areas, the importance of self-defence. Upon asking about the future of digital pageants she stated a beauty queen duties must be performed digitally if the situation comes like COVID as a spokesperson and a representative. She added, amid the pandemic the stereotyped things had changed drastically. Joshi aims to have a voice and power to bring in the change by earning her name. And hence she will be representing Asia at large in an international competition in New York next year. She even made through India’s first transgender cover model.

She struggled through her whole childhood where her upbringing took place at her maternal uncle’s place. She expressed that even being crowned 6 times internationally, members of her own society don’t know her, as they are transphobic when it comes to the beauty of the transgenders. She received a whopping amount of 1000 USD with a Swarovski studded crown in the competition. She is a proud mother of two girls and aims to build an orphanage especially for girls.

After struggling for her existence despite gaining so much she is jobless and lives on donations that people raise for her on a crowdfunding app. Naaz said,” her family doesn’t let her socialize as they think of her as a curse to their family” and hence she had to struggle on an everyday basis.