National Handloom Day 2020: Symbolic To Indian Culture & Ethnicity

A way to memorize the Swadeshi Movement and to acknowledge the ethnic group who ensues the handloom society that holds the Indian culture from its roots


The sixth edition of the National Handloom Day 2020 is celebrated on 7 August. The Day is observed to honor the Handloom creators and to spread awareness about the importance of the handloom industry on the National platform. Handlooms are important not only for aesthetic and cultural reasons but also it is a symbol of Indian culture and the inclusive growth of the country. The day has been started celebrating to pay tribute to the handloom community and recognize their critical role in developing India’s socio-economic elements.

Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the First National Handloom Day at the University of Madras’ Centenary Hall in Chennai, on 7 August 2015. August 7 was selected as the National Handloom Day for the Swadeshi Movement as it was launched in Calcutta Townhall on this Day in 1905. Most importantly, handlooms are environmentally friendly, and the handloom sector provides 4.33 million people with jobs and it is the second-largest source of employment in India.

Around 95% of the world’s hand-woven fabric comes from India. The government of India has taken several measures to boost the Handloom Sector. In the handloom Act 1985, Handloom Census, Geographical Indication, e-commerce initiatives such as ‘e- dhaga, Khadi Industries to boost in India. Handloom is handwoven cotton, it’s known for its breathability. Handloom sarees are very famous in all over India and also outside India.

Sir Aurel Stein found the handloom in India. The evidence indicates that traditional hand-loom textiles are possibly the oldest of all India’s arts and crafts. Shri Narendra Modi wants to take the Handloom Industry to another level through his Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Camp.

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