The World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated across the world on July 28. It is celebrated to spread awareness about protecting nature and conserving our natural resources. It also aims to aware people about the significance of the conservation of nature.

Now, what should be the resolution for us on this day for a sustainable future? Definitely, we all the human should take an oath to save nature as much as we can. Balancing ecosystem to the diversity of nature we need to conserve by plantation. Some preparation that we need to stop the soil erosion in the riverside area. For flood protection govt should take necessary steps as the huge people affected badly with floods in the North East and East part of India recently.

Due to the global pandemic, this year it will be celebrated virtually by all environmentalists. The theme of this year’s celebration has not been decided. The celebration requests the people across the globe to highlight the importance of safeguarding the environment presently to make it available for future generations. It is also celebrated to make people realize that their actions have a severe global impact on mother nature.

The year 2020 seems to be a cruel year for our mother nature. From floods to bushfires to earthquakes, the globe has already seen a lot. Coming to the forest fire in India, Uttarakhand had a massive forest fire that lasted for four days with 46 forest fires. 21 wildfires had been reported from the Kumaon region while the Garhwal region and the forest areas in the state had witnessed 16 and nine wildfires.

Coming to cyclone Amphan, it had a devastating impact in the city of joy Kolkata, West Bengal, Eastern part of India. Thousands of trees were uprooted, electricity and telephone lines were brought down. Around 14 million citizens were deprived of electricity. Since 1999, this was the first super cyclone to form in the Bay of Bengal. This is true that people can go never against nature but can save the environment for the future.

Due to the prolonged heat in Siberia, it has resulted in terrible Arctic fires and a swift diminishing of the ice coverage along Russia’s Arctic coast. The main reason for the heating up is due to the blocking action of a vast weather front over the Arctic along with a persistent northward swing of the jet stream which has been sending warm air into the region. It is said that the Arctic is heating up twice as fast as the global average which may affect both the population and the ecosystem.

The devastating bushfire in Australia had resulted in killing nearly 3 billion animals. The bushfire had resulted due to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Due to the global pandemic, no particular theme has been selected for this year’s celebration. On this day people come together to support mother nature and promises to preserve it.

This year has been a roller coaster ride of disasters starting from Australia Bushfire to Cyclone Amphan In India to earthquakes and many more. It is extremely important to create a healthy environment to save our earth. Our duty is to keep our environment safe and clean. This Day aims is to protect and conserve natural resources and habitats.


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