The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested two Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists on Wednesday in connection with the Darbhanga blasts that had taken place earlier this month in Bihar.

Key accused Imran Malik and Mohd Nasir Khan was arrested from Hyderabad after NIA visited the crime scene to assess the attack.

The early probe had revealed a trans-national conspiracy devised by top operatives of terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Taiba to carry out terror attacks across India and damage life and property.

The accused were operating under the directions of Pakistan-based handlers of LeT and had duplicated an incendiary IED, packed it in a cloth parcel and booked it in a long-distance train from Secunderabad to Darbhanga.

The blast was of low intensity and was aimed at exploding and setting ablaze a running passenger train, which would have caused severe loss of lives and property. Nasir Khan had visited Pakistan in 2012 and had received training from LeT handlers in the fabrication of IED from locally available chemicals.

Both the accused were in touch with those handlers over encrypted communication platforms, NIA confirmed. They will be produced before the Special NIA Court in Patna, which will be followed by a detailed examination and probe.

On June 17, a parcel booked under the name of one Mohd Sufian from Secunderabad exploded as soon as it arrived at Darbhanga junction. However, no one was injured in the blast. A forged PAN card was used for booking the parcel from the station.

The income tax department has said that the PAN card details were forged and the original card belonged to someone abroad. A forensic report of the empty 50 ml glass bottle retrieved from the site is awaited.

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