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Among 12, the 9 accused persons are Bangladeshi and the other three are Ruhul Amin Dhali (West Bengal), Asad Hasan (Maharashtra), Shareeful Shaik (Maharashtra). In this case, 10 people detained on 21.09.2020 from two brothels, Jalpally village, Balapur, RangaReddy District, and Mahmood colony, Balapur, in Hyderabad.

Meanwhile, four young Bangladeshi girls were also rescued from the brothels, and several digital devices, fake Indian identity documents, and other incriminating material were confiscated from the place. The rescued Bangladeshi girls are now at shelter homes in Hyderabad and the arrested traffickers are in judicial custody in Hyderabad.

The case is filed in the NIA Special Court at Hyderabad. The case was registered under the International Human Trafficking Case (RC  – 3/2019 / NIA / HYD: Human Trafficking Case of Pahadishareef PS) / s 120B, 370, 370 (A).  465 and 471 of the IPC, Sections 3,4,5 & 6 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 and Sections 14, 14A, 14C of the Foreigners Act, 1946.  

The investigation by NIA ascertained that the arrested accused were linked with Ruhul Amin Dhali and Abdul Barik Sheikh who is involved in illegally trafficked young girls from  Bangladesh to India and vice versa.

Ruhul Amin Dhali was once already imprisoned by NIA in a different case.The other person Abdul Barrik is absconding. The investigation further disclosed that there were money transfers between Ruhul Amin Dhali and Abdul Barik Shaik as a commission paid to the former for trafficking across the borders. 

In 1980, Ruhul Amin Dhali and the other 10 accused had illegally entered India in 1980s and organized a prostitution racket along with Yusuf Khan and Bithi Begum (husband and wife) in different parts of India.  The 12 accused person planned an illicit conspiracy along with their other subordinates in Bangladesh to search for young Bangladeshi girls in the age group of 19-25 yrs and traffick them to India by crossing Sonai River and via Kolkata and then take the girls to several places in India which includes Mumbai and Hyderabad. 

These girls are attracted to the guarantee of lucrative jobs and a decent quality of lifestyle in India.  Hence, they are also given fake Indian identity documents and are ultimately compelled into prostitution. NIA is conducting Further investigation in the case to detained and disclosed other people who are associated with the trafficking business.


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