Raids are conducted in 31 locations spread across eight districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana by NIA, in links to alleged Maoist connections. The searches are being conducted at the residents of Advocate K Padma,  K S Chalam and President of women’s organization- Rela Rajeshwari, in accordance with the arrest of Journalist Pangi Naganna.

The supposed journalist, Pangi Naganna was found with the revolutionary literature on CPI(Maoist), explosives substances, wire bundles, and medicines. Pangi was arrested on the grounds of passing information to Maoist leaders about the Police movements. He has also been found instigating villagers to obstruct the combing operations of the police and prevent them from entering the villages, revolting against the police and taking out rallies against the government.

Names of several eminent organizations like Pragatisheel Women, Civil liberty members, and major advocates have been revealed during the investigation.

The case was originally registered as FIR by the Munchingput Police of Vishakhapatnam district which was later submitted to NIA(National Investigation Agency) by the Ministry of Home Affairs, after which NIA registered FIR in its Hyderabad offices.

Search Operations are spread across the regions of Vishakapatnam, Guntur, Krishna, Kannur, Srikakulam among a few more.


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