• On Thursday, the diamond merchant, Nirav Modi of India lost his legal battle against extradition in the UK Court.
  • The court says that Nirav Modi has a case in India to answer and a prima facia case is already established against him.
  • The accused attended the court session via video conferencing from Wandsworth Prison in south-west London.
  • District Judge Samuel Goozee read out his judgment and stated that the statement will be sent to the UK’s Secretary of State, Priti Patel.

Nirav Modi, the 49-year old Diamond merchant of India arrested on March 20, 2019, due to a fraud money laundering case from Punjab Bank Of India with a sum of $2 billion heard his judgment on Thursday at the UK Court. District Judge, Samuel Goozee read his statement in which he stated that Nirav Modi is found guilty of all the charges and he has a case to face in India. The judgment further will be sent to the UK’s Secretary of State, Priti Patel.

The Cabinet minister who is responsible for ordering Nirav Modi’s extradition has two months to come up with a decision. It is speculated that Home Secretary’s decision will have no changes since her decision rarely goes against the court`s statement, and considering Nirav Modi`s case very minor bars of extradition is to be examined by Priti Patel. Nirav Modi on the other hand has 14 days to approach the high court following Home Secretary’s decision. The Administrative Division of the High Court in London will pursue the case if the Supreme Court grants any appeal.


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